Bulletproof Boys // 방탄 소년단 [BTS] Profile (≧∀≦)

Ay! Here is it. My most favourite boyband form South Korea, 방탄 소년단 (read: Bangtan Seonyeondan). Its meaning Bulletproof Boys, they usually called BTS. They are from Big Hit Entertaiment. Debuted on June 12th, 2013 with their first MV ‘No More Dream’ which written by the leader of the group. And their fanclub / fanbase named ‘ARMY’ [official]. Alright all, let me introduce you all with my 오빠들 (brothers) !!


Real name : Kim Namjoon | 김남준

Position : Leader, Rapper (bass)

D.O.B : September 12th, 1994

Blood Type : A

Birth Place : Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do

Family : Dad, Mom, Younger Sister

Nickname : Rapmon, Monie Hyung (by Jimin)

Speciality : song-writer, composer, destroy thing, dance monster

Rapmon also debuted solo with his mixtapes. Almost all of BTS member vote him as the most manly guy in BTS. His 매력 (charm) is definitely his dimples and his deep voice. From my point of view, he is the kind of guy which has both cool and stupid side in him. He is not really good in acting so if you realised he often copy the member who did the shoot before him.


Real name : Kim Seokjin | 김석진

Position : Vocal, Visual (face of the group)

D.O.B : December 4th, 1992

Blood Type : O

Birth Place : Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do

Family : Dad, Mom, Older Brother

Nickname : EatJin

Speciality : Old gag (아재개그), hand kiss (손 키스)

He has the biggest shoulder between other member of BTS, it’s 60cm. He really like pink colour and he also has soft and calm personality too. He both likes cook and eat, so they made a program in V live named ‘Eat Jin’. He and Rapmonster are not good in dance, but lately their skill are improved. He once join a reality program called’Law of the Jungle’ which held in Manado, Indonesia, together with WJSN Cheng Xiao, entertainers Sleepy and Sol Bi, and actor Gong Myoung, also a rising star Yoon Da Hoon.


Real name : Min Yoongi | 민윤기

Position : Lead Rapper

D.O.B : March 9th, 1993

Blood Type : O

Birth Place : Buk-Gu, Daegu

Family : Dad, Mom, Older Brother

Nickname : Agust D, 이럴Suga (수가) -means ‘unbbelievable’-

Speciality : song-writer, composer, lazy around, sleep

He is also debuted solo as rapper calles Agust D. He is the laziest member in BTS. He rarely talk, but he often talk non-sense. I think he become different and become more silly because of J-Hope, but lately Suga-Jimin couple is popular.


Real name : Jung Hoseok | 정호석

Position : Lead Dancer, Rapper

D.O.B : February 18th, 1994

Blood Type : A

Birth Place : Gwangju

Family : Dad, Mom, Older Sister

Nickname : J-Horse

Speciality : weird dance, weird expression, over reaction

He is my favourite member. Why? Start from the first time i saw him in ‘No More Dream’ MV, that was when i’m still s first year in high school (2013), he sang his part ‘tusu sigannangbiin yajae‘ with a funny face and weird expression, so i impersonated him often just for fun, but then i start to like him because he gave me the feeling i like. He is funny, weird, eww, dirty (LoL) yet he is also cool, sexy, and manly.


Real name : Park Jimin | 박지민

Position : Main Dancer, Lead Vocal

D.O.B : October 13th, 1995

Blood Type : A

Birth Place : Busan

Family : Dad, Mom, Younger Brother

Nickname : ChimChim, Mochi, No Jam Jimin

Speciality : Flirting

여로분~, here is it a guy with two side, sexy and cute. He is just so fvckin’ adorable, i luv it. Pyong! I often caught him become a wise, patient, mature, and calm person.


Real name : Kim Taehyung | 김태형

Position : Vocal

D.O.B : December 30th, 1995

Blood Type : AB

Birth Place : Daegu

Family : Dad, Mom, Younger Brother

Nickname : Alien-V, TaeTae

Speciality : Impersonating, aegyo

If Jimin is sexy and cute, V is handsome and cute. Man fans prove V’s perfect face proportion. He likes children, you can find many pictirues of him with child playing around. He is from poor family, he said if he is not in BTS maybe now he is a farmer, a handsome farmer. LOL>o< He resemble of Baekhyun EXO especially when he giggles, and I also think he is a bit like Daehyun B.A.P.


Real name : Jeon Jungkook

Position : Main vocal, Maknae (Youngest)

D.O.B : September 1st, 1997

Blood Type : A

Birth Place : Busan

Family : Dad, Mom, Older Brother

Nickname : Kookie

Speciality : Impersonating, exercise

You can see how much a growth period can change a person, in him. He likes exercise, and now his body become more manly. Lately he likes to cover american song, and make friends with American singer like Charlie Puth.

That is all about BTS i want to share to you, I’m not going to give any idol facts because I don’t know if it’s true or not. I’m sorry if I made mistakes in his writing. Critism is allowed, spam is prohibited. Thankyou All!! Let’s become a good Army, and enjoy BTS ‘s work! FIGHTING !!   (ノ≧∇≦)ノ


(〜 ̄△ ̄)〜


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