Ay-yo 98-ers!  (Liners? Lovers? Whatever-s?)

Waddup! Wassup!!

I’m Miza (dapoopyeyes) as the main author and owner of this blog. LoL

I’m not working alone here, there’s Dzy (dmonkey98) as another author here.

We both have the same interest in art (especially music and film) like K-Pop, Japanesse Anime & Manga, etc.

Well, y’know i’m just going to tell you what kind of art Dzy and I going to post here.


2D Zone
Yeah~ 2D arts we like and want to share, like review of
For this category, both Dzy and I will join in it.


Journal of Life
Something like diary of life, fact stories, real life happen around us.
This category specially made for Dzy who loves to share stories, important
or not. (Ha. Ha. Poor you)


This category contains every/anything about hobby (food, mechanic, etc).
And both of us will join in this category.


Adult Zone
Heol. You might now just by the name, right? Yeah, it's exactly what you're
thinking (Pervert). This is contain adult words and imagination (maybe the
picts as well) (>o0). And since I have interest in gay (yaoi) life/love
story. This category which is specially made for me and my pervert mind
Huahaha ^o^, will be divide in 2 sub-categories: Straigt (Normal) and
Yaoi/BL/Gay type.

Don't worry. I will warn you in the post's information, so you better read
the information firt before you read the story.



That’s all for now.

I’ll upgrade it when there is something need to be, and inform you guys immediately.



Love and Peace, Fellas


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